Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pasir Panjang village dinner

Went to Pasir Panjang village for dinner after facial. Hubby brought me to this fish market place. A very fun place to eat in. It's like a jap restaurant cum mini supermarket. You order your food from the menu and in the meantime, you can also walk around the supermart and see what else you want. Let's say that you want some snack from the shelf, you just grab it and eat, they will charge accordingly to your table. It's a very fun concept. What you want from the supermart,you can just grab and they will charge to your table. Resonably priced too. I love their Uni sushi (sea urchin) :p~ But do take note that parking is horrible.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I got my mini dachshund :))

My younger sis is so sweet. She knows that I want a mini dachshund so badly and she got me one for my birthday!!! Though my bday is not till end of the year, she got me one in advance. So happy. It's a female, brown in color with large watery-like eyes. I got her a red leash and named her "Nika".That's me with Nika :) Ok, she's not real but you wait, Im going to get one once I have my own house.

Going for ramen with Karen and Sharon after work at The Central. Hope Winnie can make it. Saturday will be dinner with dar and I'm going to Hay dayries on Sunday!! Yayyy