Sunday, March 15, 2009

The rojak on Nika

Nika vomitted in the car just now. She was making this strange gurgling sound and looks like she trying to get something out from her throat. And then "gwauuuk" out came the stuff. Luckily it's juz 1 lump and not watery. I think that after eating her breakfast,she keep jumping and running. And we took her out for a car ride. It's the 1st time it happened. Hope it's the last time.

The followoing is a rojak on her daily life :)
Nika: Where should I sleep? On the mattress or on the floor? Can't make up my about half half?

Nika:Think I prefer the floor.

Nika: Mummy's butt is the best!
Mummy: Duhhh
Nika: What to do while waiting for Mummy to prepare to go gaigai? Nika: Lie down and do nothing?

Nika: Continue to dig out my box?

Nika: Lie on the bed with Daddy?

Nika: Think I'll chew on my milk stick. Not only does it taste yummy, it also helps as I'm teething. Dropped another tooth yesterday :)
Nika: Tips on how to sleep on a cold day in 5 simple steps.
#1) Find the blanket and start to burrow in. Do not care if the human is on it,they will give way to you. Remember to dig and dig till you get your desired hole.#2) Bury yourself in the hole and test for warmth.#3) Test on the height of your "pillow". #4) All done! Prepare to sleep.

#5) Remember to give those human your doe-eyes look so that they'll cuddle you as well.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New house

Nika: Mummy got me a new house yesterday. She bought it from a forumer as her doggies did not want to sleep in it. It's so big and new! Thank you to them for not wanting to sleep inside. Woof! But everything has to go through my QC to make sure that it is suitable for me. So here goes the QC. Arrruuff~thick enough to bite. Passed.
Both sides are equal in thickness. Passed. Walls can be removed to have more room. Passed.I'm happy in my new house :D

Videos to show that I have already checked the house. Walls do not crumble even under my loud barking. House does not come apart even after pulling, dragging, digging and pouncing on. Passed!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nika's clothes

Nika: Daddy & Mummy argued yesterday. I witnessed the whole incident and I personally think it's Daddy's fault. Let me tell you why. Normally when Mummy is off,she will cook dinner for his family as well as me :) And Daddy usually reaches home at 6.20-6.30pm, and Mummy will still be cooking her last dish when he reach home. so yesterday,Mummy took the effort to cook earlier so that the hungry caveman (Daddy) can eat once he is home. Everything is ready by 6.20pm except my food,I usually eat at aound 6.30-6.45pm. Clock shows 6.30pm and Daddy is still not home. Clock is spoilt? The phone rings.

Daddy: I'm at Bukit Batok on the way back now.
Mummy:What are you doing there?
Daddy: I send my colleague to Bt Batok MRT.
Mummy: You very free ah? I cook earlier today so that you can eat once home and now 6.30pm you tell me you at Bt Batok.
Daddy: Very near our house,just a turn only.
Mummy: I'm very busy now,no time to talk to you.

So when Daddy reaches home he went on to explain that Mummy told him to buy Marmite and he can't find it that's why he reach home at 7.10pm,when all the food has turned cold and I've already finished my food. Mummy said that she don't want to argue over dinner so end of discussion. Oh and I need to add that to the fire, Daddy "stole" Mummy's egg for dinner and she did not even get a bite, only ate the yolk and the WHOLE egg was gone....into Daddy's mouth. Oops!

After dinner we went to Holland Village for a walk and bought new treat for me AGAIN!! YAyyyy!!! But by Daddy this time. and also dry shampoo.
When we're back home, they suddenly got this idea to take pictures of me in my clothes. not that I have many,only 2 to be precise, but they just like it. Duhhh~ Daddy was the photographer and a Poor one at that. Took my head without my clothes OR my whole body without showing the words on my clothes. Anyway he's a bad photographer. Oh and a lazy one also,not that it's related but he is just lazy. Anyway the clothes are too big for me, gonna grow fatter before I can wear them out.

Enough of your nonsence humans! I'm entitled to my rest also hor!

Psst Daddy, Mummy knows that you send a girl girl colleague to Bt Batok yesterday. Not that she minds, your colleagues are not pretty at all. None of them. But you lied to her before, you said that your company do not have any young ladies, only aunties and on the company trip what did she found out? Only 1 auntie! The rest do not lie or keep anything from Mummy, better tell her then keep it from her. she won't be happy...just like the last time you went to Geylang to eat and you keep it from her...she won't be happy...just tell the truth lah.

Daddy: Why must you bring that up again. I went there to eat only.

Nika: That's the whole point, why not tell her if you went there just to eat? Lalala. You're in deep shit...Har har har!!! Never keep or lie to Mummy, she know...she always knows...

Posted by the sweet litle girl-Nika

Oolong Cha-I want to say that Hubby's colleagues are officially in my boycott list liao (except for a handful). Why hor?

#1) They gave a bad impression during the company trip.

~While doing a headcount b4 going to the hotel, tour guide finds a few missing. so everyone waited while they count and tally again. Suddenly the organiser jumps up and say they went to the hotel themselves and we need not wait 4 them. Duhh?? Why don't you say in the 1st place instead of making everyone wait around.

~They "stole" ice cream. At this tourist place when all of us have to pass the shop when we leave, this couple was hovering over the refrigerator. There wasn't anyone around so we did not buy anything and went out and waited outside to leave. After a while, 1 of the staff from the shop came out with an ice cream wrapper in her hands and spoke to the tour guide. He said that SOMEONE took the ice cream without paying and left the wrapper on the shelf. While obviously it's the couple as there were many witnesses that they ate ice cream, including me. Hubby was still defending them saying that they forgot to pay. OH PUHLESSS spare me that crap!

#2) Hubby and I are supposed to go back to my house for dinner as well as my nephew's birthday. Then 1 day before that, he said that he is going to have dinner with his colleagues instead. I was like WHAT??? He promised me. His EXCUSE was that he always missed out in their dinner gatherings and that they will talk about him and he have to PR if not he will have no friends in the company. ??? DUHHH~ We have a family dinner to attend and if they're so childish to talk about not joining them and etc then be it! And I would like to add in that so far this is only the 2nd dinner gathering that they have organised.

Hubby wil not feel good after reading this post but I don't care. I've already told him and he knows what I don't like about them. I do things in the open. Don't like, just say. Not pleased with me? Then we'll have a talk.

Sorry for boring you guys with my post but my ideas just keep flowing, have to quickly jot them down. Hee~

Sunday, March 1, 2009

2nd pair of cult jeans

I got my 2nd pair of cult jeans :) My 1st was 7-for-all-mankind and my 2nd is from Rock & Republic ($499). It was a new arrival so no discount for it :( But I still love it. After wearing cult jeans, you'll feel that Levi's is too nahhh. Stiff after washing and not that comfy,whereas for cult jeans, it'll remain soft to wear even after washing and you can be sure that not everyone has the same jeans as you. Not that common lah. My only grumble for my R&R is that it's way too long and I'm too lazy to go and alter it so up to now have not yet had a chance to wear it *hmph* I must have the determination to go to the tailor' Far East...lazy. Picture not very clear,purple button, purple logo. Sweet.