Monday, September 29, 2008

dark clouds hover around me

Not much to be said about the F1 last night. The whole world is already talking about it. Maybe just a few views of my own.
1) It's totally stupid to hold a night race.
2) Boo to Massa's penalty.
3) Sorry for Kimi's crash in the last 4 laps.
4) Congrats to Alonso, it was not sheer luck that he won. He was good to start off with in the first place.
5) Do not despair The Prancing Horse team. I'm still behind you all the way~
-Period- Sky Suite

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I saw Jean Todt,Felipe Massa & Kimi Raikkonen!

Ok, I've been too tired and lazy to update this blog.
We had our Gala dinner today. It was such a long day and night. We reached The Ritz at 1pm for some dim sum and then went to have our hair donw. You can choose to have your make-up done by the artists as well but I prefer to do my own. More fun mah. My hair wasn't done up much, not dramatic enough for a gala but I have short hair and just did rebonding the day before so *shrugs* Supposed to have a briefing at 4.30pm but I guess that everyone is too busy to remember that so we have to act on our own instincts. We have 2 rooms at The Ritz so I did my make up and relax there before the chaos start at 6pm.

Hair and make up done.

No time for a bubble bath :(

The ladies in Black relaxing and hanging around before we officially start work. At around 4.30-5pm, we went down to prepare ourselves as well as stand by for the dinner to start.

It was quite crowded at the recep table that night. Guests arrive at the same time, standing around the recep area to chit chat, lucky draw coupons to give out, photographs to be taken etc. But all of us were quite excited about the guests appearance of Jean Todt, Kimi and Felipe :)

I'm so disappointed that I did not get a picture of Kimi. But as all of you out there know, his nickname is "Iceman" so it's not easy to get a shot of him :( The California was unveiled at quite a late timing and I use my handphone to take a few pictures but not very clear. The whole area was dark to highlight the car's unveiling.

By 9pm, most of our stomaches are rumbling. Luckily, the desert counter was placed near us so at least we get to eat a bit.

Event ends at around 11.30pm. Was so tired that slept right after shower.

Monday, September 22, 2008

scare in China;s products

Recently there has been yet another case of food scare from China's products. They really are scary lor, makes me think again if the food is produced in China. Anyway, here is a list of food that is on the recall list. Do not consume if you have it at home.


Sunday, September 21, 2008


Had buffet dinner @ The Ritz last night. It was yum yum *droolz* Had a lot of crab meat salad and the salad is really choc-full of crab meat. Crab salad,s ashimi, soft shell crab,l obster, scallop, mussel, sushi blah blah...will go back there again. A pity did not take any pictures. Price was around $72+++ for weekends and $53+++ for weekdays. So if you want more value then go on weekdays, should be about the same spread.
After the dinner,some of us went off 1st and I stayed behind as hubby is still on the way to pick me up. And boss brought us all who have stayed behind to.....THE F1 TRACK!!
It's not open to public at all, only to authorised personnel only :) So here are a few pictures for your preview. Do note that the pics are all at the pit grandstand only as our tickets are only for there, The best or nothing at all :p

We're here!

The Start & Finish + pit grandstand 1st turn

*Slept with a full tummy* 20/09/08
Woke up @ 10.30am. Wanted to sleep more but promised hubby that I'll bring him to Changi V for Bak Ku Teh. Was feeling a bit hungry as well so proceed with our plan with mum, da-jie and my nephew,Jalen. The soup was good, herbal type of Bak Ku Teh that I like. But they changed the name from "Hands Food Garden" to "The Village Chef". Wonder if it's still the same concept. Well you see, the last time that I went, under the old name, it was managed by ex-convicts. The food is good and we should give them another chance :) Anyway, we ordered 3 bowls of Bak Ku soup, 1 bowl of kidney soup, 1 bowl of pig tail soup, you tiao, salted vergetables, egg omlette. Total cost was $45. Quite resonable as we ordered drinks as well.
All cleared!
After that we walked to the old jetty to have a look at the bum boats. Made up my mind to go Ubin one day again. Ages since I've been there.
After our CV tour, we went to Orchard for our walk and foot reflex. As we passed by Heeren, there is a booth giving out FREE coke light!! YES, FREE!! In the 500ml bottles :)) So since it's free for all, we took 2. One each mah. The foot reflex is good. Felt so sleepy after that. Dinner was at Toa Payoh, family dinner. Service was bad, food was lousy. We had butter prawn (v oily), cereal prawn, sweet and sour pork, shrimp paste chicken x2, stir fry vegetables x2, san lao hor fun x2, hot plate venison, fish meat bee hoon (diluted soup,tasteless). Think the best was the chicken. The others all fail lah. But nevertheless, it was great company :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's gonna be a long day. Briefing + buffet dinner @ The Ritz. Hope will end early,want to get up early tomorrow for my planned activities. HDB is having the bi-yearly sale of flats in Oct,hope that I can get my house. But the government also very contridicting lor. Keep asking people to get married and start family. But the price of housing keep going up but the land area keep going down. Education is not cheap either and plus all the misc items in,who can afford so many kids, not to mention Muslims,who are sponsored by the government so they can afford to have a whole kampung. *shakes head in disgust* Irks me just thinking of it. I'm not that racists but I just can't stand them. Loud music blaring in public transport as if they own the place,sitting right in the MIDDLE of the passageway,cursing and swearing at the top of their voice....u get the idea. Anyway,looking forward to my dinner tonite and tomorrow's activites!


Long week. Need a massage,looking forward to my foot reflex on Saturday. Tomorrow will be having a briefing for Gala dinner at the Ritz @ 7pm. Lucky dinner is provided. Don't know will end at what time. Next Wednesday is the Gala dinner and will have to work throughout the week till Fri then can have a rest day. Then Fri-Sun is the long awaited F1,hope I won't have free tickets to watch it. *cross fingers* Not that I don't like freebies but...I'll explain again some other time. I would like to mention that the free tickets are also the best seats in the house. Pit Grandstand :) But I would rather forfeit it for other stuff.

Watched "Pretty Woman" again by Julia Roberts yesterday. I just love the show so much. Funny and touching and such a fairytale...awwwA cartoon to share with all of you out there! A cartoon a day keeps the frowns away!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Met up with the girls on Sunday for steamboat diiner,Karen did not turn up. Hmph! It was quite expensive, $27 per head. But if you consider the free flow of drinks,the price would be still resonable. Got steamboat + bbq as well. Tempura,sushi,sashimi,cooked food. Guess that price is still resonable. Initial plan was to go to Chinese Garden after dinner but all of us are too tired and lazy so home sweet home :)
Had Bak Ku Teh lunch at AMK Ave 10 with Younger sis and mum. Thought that is's supposed to be good but it's now on my condemned list already.
Reason: Soup was tasteless. Think I should not describe it as tasteless. I should say soup color is near colorless, taste is hmm pepper soup. Get it? Meat is dry and tough.
Verdict: FAIL!!!
Looking forward to Satuday. My once a month weekend off! My off days are twice weekly but on weekdays,only once a month I get a weekend. Sounds like a domestic worker leh. Heh heh! But the good thing for weekdays off is that I do not have to squeeze around and join long queues if I'm going shopping. I don't shop during sales or weekends. Can't stand the crowd and the long queues just to get something @ 20% off. Nah~spare me. Anyway back to my Saturday, going to Changi Village for Bak Ku Teh,it's herbal based soup and for a good cause too. The stall is managed by ex-convicts,we should give them a 2nd-chance :) After that proceed to Forum for the chic boutiques and then it's foot reflexology @ Centrepoint. For dinner it's back to Toa Payoh for family dinner :) Can't wait for Saturday.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Selling F1 Pit Grandstand tickets! Got 4 on-hand. Price @ $1888 per ticket (3 days).
Email me for details. Completely sold out online! Grab them while you still can. Reasonably priced. Free delivery. do help spread the word to all your friends who are interested but can't get their hands on it. :)


Went to pick dearie at the airport last night. Got up at 7.45am today for work. Tired. Lucky I have my chicken essence with me. Got many pressies from Japan. :o) *happy happy*Guess what is this?

Baby diapers!

Wet tissue with gorilla face. So cute!

Did not take pictures of the food though. Too lazy hee.