Sunday, August 31, 2008


Had steamboat yesterday with the ex-Shiro gang. I miss steamboat sooo much. Did not take much pictures. Too lazy to do so. It was nice to see them again after so long :)

Waiting for hubby to send me the rest of the pics. Waiting...and waiting....

Saturday, August 30, 2008

disappointed day

I'm not the type who likes to plan what to do on my off day as my plans always get fouled up,one way or the other. They will find a way to mess themselves up. Always. Let's take yesterday for example. Hubby and I are supposed to have ramen at The Central. As it was my off day,he took a 1/2 day leave so that we can beat the dinner crowd and catch our movie later. And in the morning,he smsed me to say that he has to attend a last minute meeting which they don't know what time it will be. They just have to wait for the boss's instruction. So in the end,we decided to cancel his leave instead of waiting for nothing to happen. So the plan did not carry out as we planned. Not that it's the 1st time it has happened. Just that I can't recall the previous incidents.

Anyway,I continued with my ramen lunch with my mum. Can't remember the name of the restaurant but it was good. The soup is boiled with pork bones and it has a slight milky taste. A bit salty though. I ordered the set which comes with rice and egg as well. The Ikura with the rice was fresh and don't have the after taste at those sushi restaurant. The egg has a slight runny
yolk which was easy on the palette and not sticky. Yummy

We ordered the pork cheek which is the signature dish. Tender but I feel that the slices were too thick and a bit salty.

Best part of the restaurant that I like is the jug of water placed at every table for customers. No more waving to service staff just to get a refill of water.

Verdict: Ramen looks like instant noodles but taste nothing like that. Springy noodles, milky tasty broth. Will go back again with hubby the next time. :)

Hokkaido ice-cream for dessert! In my favourite sea salt caramel flavour! *happy girl*

I bought tickets for our movie so since Hubby can't make it,no sense to watse the tickets. So we went to watch Wall-E!
It was a cute movie,funny with fantastic graphics. Be sure that you know the story line before you catch it or else you'll be thinking that it's a show with no story line.

How much is that doggie in the window?

Attention to hubby: Where is my GOBI???


Aside from the outing yesterday,my colleague sent this cake to his customer for his birthday. So sweet and the cake looks ultra yummy! Droolz!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pinball machines

Suddenly have this love for pinball machines. Ever since I started playing them on my PSP. You must be thinking using PSP to play pinball? Duhz~ But the visual and sound effects of the machine makes me so amazed by it. It's not just a coin machine with a metal ball and 2 flippers. There's more to it. Consider the work put in to design a machine. You have to be creative,to construct those little gadgets that the ball hits and the colors have to be appealing to the crowd and the sound effects and so much more. There are so many different types in the market I just feel like having them at home so I can admire them all day long.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

happy day :)

Went for massage at FIL with mum and Michelle. Massage with scrub. feel so relaxed after that. Went to have teppanyaki at Plaza Singapura after that. The raw oyster gave me a tummy ache. Went to toilet 4 times! Too lazy to load pics, will do that tomorrow.

Btw, if you like riddles, here's a good one for you to play online.

Monday, August 25, 2008

SELL!!! Authentic designer bags!!

Selling YSL sling bag. 95% new,bought in 2007. Pic #2 show slight stains on the bottom but not obvious. Pic #3 shows the bag material. comes with receipt,care booklet,dust bag. Interested parties email me for details. :)

Selling LV Papillon. 95% new,rarely used. Dustbag and receipt not available. Guarantee authentic. Interested parties do email me for details.

Those were the days

Was reminiscing those yester-years when I just started clubbing. It was soooo long ago...time waits for no one :( I was not yet 15 when I started clubbing. In those days, colorful clothes were the trend. Shirt and jeans in red, yellow, cobalt blue, green, all the bright colors you can think of.
And to be "in", you have to stick a long-tail comb in your back pocket to finish the look. I don't know why, but that is the trend those days. Horrible right? Anyway, in those days, there were strict rules on the age limit for entry to discos. So there are tea dances catered specially for us underaged teens. Of cos, non-alcoholic drinks only. The hottest discos that period were Canto, Fire and Sparks. The 1st disco I stepped into was Fire. Still remember the cover was $10 for 2 soft drinks. It was small and packed with people. Bengs and lians everywhere and fights every week was a norm. A pity that I can't find any pictures of the disco before they closed down. I still prefer going to Canto in Marina South. It's bigger and more spacious. $8 for 3 drinks. The only thing is that it's quite far. From the mrt station you still have to take a bus down. Of cos if you want to arrive in style you can take a cab down. But most of us are cheapos, so we choose bus. It's free anyway. The bus arrives, you get up from the front or back and just sit down. Without paying. Ya, those were the days. Same as Fire, Canto has their fair share of fights every week. What's new? After talking so much, let you see what I found!

Drink coupon fron Canto! Memories....After that we'll normally proceed to Lucky Plaza. For what I can't remember but we just like to hang out there. After I got older, the places also upgraded to Sparks, Music Underground, Ridley's, Dbl O, Madam Wong's, Devil's Bar, Page 1, etc. All these are no longer around except for Dbl O. But those memories will always stay. Time will never turn back and we all grow up but happy and carefree days will always be a precious memory to me.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

domestic worker

Most people refer them to as "maids" but "domestic worker" would be a nicer term but of cos it's longer and living in Singapore, we still call them "maids". Anyway, I'm one of those fortunate ones to have a helper at home to help out woth the cooking and household chores. We need to have one, all of us are not home the whole day. Byt he time we reach home, it's like 7pm onwards and who still has the energy to clean and cook for you. Oh and my house consists of 4 women and 2 lively kids. But having a maid is like having none at all. The house still appears as messy, dusty and unkept. My maid is just so lucky that no one is home to order her around but we still hope that she has the initiative to do her work. Not really, judging by the looks of the house. her daily routine consists of:

~Wake up at 7am

~Mop floor, wash clothes

~Prepare lunch and bring the kid down to catch school bus

~Siesta and TV time till 5pm

~Prepare dinner

~After dinner, wash dishes

~10pm bedtime

Which maid sleeps at 10pm? It's even earlier then us! It's horrible. She not only is lazy, she also can't follow instructions.

Once I told her to bring out the toaster to heat up my curry puff. Yup, she did bring it out, and end of story. The toaster remain unplugged on the table. Zzzz, it's common sense. I already told her that I want to heat up the puff. So bring it out, plug it, line the try with foil and a job is done. It won't take even 5mins. But maids these days are endangered species. Step on their tail and the government will be looking for you or worse, you may find yourself facing her and a cleaver. So just try to live with it till the day her contract ends and I'm sorry but we'll have to say good-bye to you.
It'ss be good for all of us, we can't guarantee a better maid next time but at least we can stop my mum's endless complaints about her.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Isetan supermarket

Just came back from Isetan supermarket at Shaw House. It was quite crowded considering it was in the afternoon. The Japs are really clever at selling their products, cute packaging, fresh clean look of vegetables and fruits, food promotions, food sampling... And not to mention the price tag that comes with the food. $6.60 for 6 eggs, $9.80 for 10 organic eggs, it's like, wow, is it really neccesary? It all taste the same anyway. But talk as I wish, I still got one of those pricey grocery :)

Presenting The White Radish! $4.13 for 1/3 of radish. But it's supposed to be very sweet and very suitable for soups. I love soups :p~

I saw this Anpan-man potato bites in the freezer and I could not stop myself . I just have to get it. And 1 is never enough, so i got another packet of "Star" potato bites. Hope it taste as nice as it looks :)

Not feeling very well. Having slight fever from the air-con last night. I'm just not suited to sleep in cold conditions. Give me a fan and I'm a happy girl. Gonna rest now. Ciao!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

beauty reviews

Ok, as I've promised, a review of the beauty products that I've tried before. Not a lot but hope that it'll help a bit. I won't touch on all the skin care products, just the more important ones. Do note that different skin types will react to different products. Mine is just a guide for you.

I'll start with cleansers. If you're one of those people who thinks a good bar of soap is all you need to wash your face, think again. Don't get me wrong. Soap formulated for your type of skin can be a good thing, but most soaps (especially the antibacterial type) are too harsh for your body, much less your face. Soap is not the only thing that cleans skin; in fact, most facial cleansers are soap-free, oil-free, and fragrance free. Choose a cleanser that deep cleans, gently exfoliates dead, dull cells, and moisturizes, even if you have problem oily skin. Oil and moisture are two different things. If, in fact, you have problem skin that needs an antibacterial cleanser, choose one that does the job without drying your skin. Be picky about choosing a daily cleanser. It will pay off in the long run.

#1-Biotherm Acnopur Pore Unclogging Purifying Foam Pleasent, light fragrance. A little dot lathers up pretty well. Leaves face squeaky clean. After long usage,found that skin did not not improve. Blackheads and clogged pores are still on the rise. Does not unclog as claimed.

#2- The Face Shop Quick and Clean Blemish cleanser (picture not available)
Colorless gel in green bottle. Love the light cammomile and tea tree smell. Value for money. Cleans face but does not leave the squeaky feel. Good for everyday use as it's inexpensive.

#3- Murad Clarifying cleanser
Best for acne control. Reduces 99% of irritating bacteria instantly. Contains antibacterial ingredients to control breakouts. But make sure that you follow with a moisturizer afterwards as it will cause dryness of the skin. My acne visibly improved and scars lighten.

#4- Dermalogica Special Cleansing gel
Frangrance free. Contains botanical extract to calm skin and cleanse without the harsh feel. Best brand that I have ever used. Recommended for normal skin.

5- Dermalogica Derma Clay Cleanser
Best for combination skin,helps in oil control. Non-foamy texture. Have started using it and am LOVING it! Helps unclog pores and oil control is good. Thumbs up!

#6- Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial cleanser
98.8% Natural face cleanser. Contains orange peel, lanolin, olive oil, orange oil etc. Supposed to be a make up remover as well but I don't find that it cleans that well. Leaves an oily film on my face after rinsing. Have to cleanse with another wash after using this. Smell is yummy! More for dry and dehydrated skin.

Next up is Powders!
Pressed powder is ideal for those who are always on the go. Unlike most loose powders, pressed powder is extremely portable and gives the skin a matte finish. It also usually contains a mirror inside of its compact, which is ideal for those with stubborn skin that demands touch ups often throughout the day. I, myself like pressed powders to foundations. But I do have lots of 2-way cakes as well. Although most state that they contain SPF, it's normally not enough for our skin. Do apply your own sunblock before you apply powder.

#1- DiorSkin Forever Compact.
Compact too bulky for my liking. Oil control was bad. Coverage was average. Not recommended.

#2- Lancome Maquicake UV forever Compact Foundation
Coverage was good. Controlled oil pretty well. Was a bit streaky when reapplied though.

#3- Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte powder
Good oil control. No streaks when reapplied. Coverage is good. Will recommend to others. Not exactly on the low price side though.

#4- Biotherm Finish Velvet Pressed Powder SPF15
Poor coverage. Face look cakey and fake. Poor oil control.

#5- The Face Shop Flower CompactNice light frangrance. Said to made from flower petals. Light coverage. Gives a dewy look. lacking in oil control. Small and cute case suitable to bring around. Great for touch-ups. Value for money.
#6- Averine Two-Way compact foundation
Supposed to non-comedogenic and hence does not cause clogged pores. Suitable for all skin types including acne-prone skin. Have noticed I have less clogged pores after using and skin did improved. A bit pricey though.
Do hope that these information can help you in your selection of products ;)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Got this at Daiso. Shinkansen!

Went to Vivo for dinner yesterday. Had Long John as I had been talking about it for a long time. Got a few things at Daiso but the cotton pad that I wanted is out of stock! :( The quality is really very good and it does not leave fibres on your face. Hope that I can get it at other Daiso stores.

After dinner we went to Mustafa as tut-tut hubby redeemed a voucher for there. And because of the voucher, we have to go there juz to use it. We went quite early (10pm) and it was packed. I like to go during those twilight hour when I can walk around without having to rub shoulders with people.


Saw this interesting thing. Enjoy reading :)

Unscramble the words and see what you get

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

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When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange theletters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:


When you rearrange the



Hmm I know that my blog is lacking in pictures. Will try to improve on that. Tomorrow, I'll touch on the beauty products that I've tried before. :p

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beauty purchase

Due to my bad complexion, I can't use those cutey, off the shelf Korean/Jap brands for my face. I now have stick to Dermalogica products for my face. Pre-cleanse, cleanse, tone,mask,scrub. It's not cheap but worth it for my face. I have tried going to skin doctors and the effect is good for a while. But continue using for a few months and it loses its effect and is very drying.
Noticed that I have lots of earthly and natural eye color so decided to get some pastel,metallic,shimmer type. Got this online. Color was quite nice and gave a metallic sheen when blend in. Lasted the whole day without running. Nice.

My Bare Escentuals mascara is finishing soon, so I got myself another brand-Laura Mercier. Love trying out new brands. It's supposed to give fullness and length to lashes. Love the clean, chic look.

As most of you out there know, the new rave about beauty product is the BB cream. For those who don't know about it,here is some info for you.

--B.B Cream , also known as Blemish Balm, started off as a soothing treatment balm dermatologists use on patients who underwent laser skin treatment.

--It helps to shield\protect and regenerate delicate skin. Soon enough, Korean actresses and stars started using this cream and sparked off a craze of this cream in Korea due to its excellent results.

--Beauty brands in Korea have since developed BB cream and made it more suitable for Asian skin.--Use BB Cream to replace your make-up base/primer, concealer and even foundation! It's not only a foundation - it's a foundation with healing properties!

--BB Cream contains natural ingredients that do not damage or irritate the skin. With continuous use, your sensitive skin will be calm, protected from redness and keep its health.

--It can cover dark rings, acne marks and uneven skin tone naturally, giving your skin a natural glow. It also has good oil control power without comprimising your skin's moisture level.

So many yummie things about it, naturally I have to get one myself. *giggles*

Just started using it. Hope that it is as good as it sounds. I need help badly for my complexion. :(


Hubby got a surprise on his birthday last year. I ordered and delivered 2 cakes to his workplace. I was at work so he was quite surprised at receiving the cakes. :)

Adam's wedding dinner. Such a surpriseto recieve an invitation from him. We were classmates in Shatec 1998. After the course, we rarely keep in contact except met-up during a CNY gathering in his house. It was nice to see all of them again.

Just found this picture from my Sec school days. That was in Sec 2? I'm the skinny skinny kneeling in front. That was in 1995.

But of cos,all women blossom into a flower at a certain age. And I hope I did too...


Most women and even guys love cosmetics. I started applying them since I was 13, in my Ah-lian daze. And being young, vain and unknowledgable, I did not cleanse my face properly and hence, acheieved clogged pores, acne and bad complexion up to today. So an advice to those who love applying cosmetics, no mattter how lazy you are, remember to thorough cleanse your face at the end of the day.

I have also mentioned that I love food! But I'm just too lazy to shoot all the yummies that I have eaten. Have to think of my stomache 1st! Here are some pics though.

I like this. So cute. Mini ketcup from Raffles hotel.


Can't wait to go for holiday to relax. Was actually considering to go to San Francisco with Karina but in the end have to give as I was dilly-dallying and thus not enough time to apply for leave. And my grandfather just passed away do it would not be good to go on a holiday as well. The girl is now there enjoying herself with a whole suite to herself. Hmph! :/

Looking forward to my next trip in October! Though it's only nearby Bali (and I don't even like the sun), it's an all expenses paid company trip so just make full use of the trip. After that will be hubby's company trip to Thailand? Taiwan? Bali (again!)? His is not definite yet but i do hope that I'm able to go. One thing I don't like about going overseas is the packing AND unpacking. Zzzzz. Next year is trip to Japan! Yayyy!!! Pre-honeymoon trip. I can buy all my Anpan-man and Crayon shin-chan! Have started saving up for the exciting! I want to go to Kyoto to see geishas, hubby wants to go to Tokyo, maybe Hokkaido also? So exciting!