Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nika's trip to Vivo again. To buy her canned food. Those that I've bought in bulk is Nutripe, but she don't really eat because of the strong smell. Now mix Mother Hubbard with Nutripe, smell not so strong and tastier.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Family outing cum bday celebration

1st day of CNY. Did not went anywhere as we're not allowed to celebrate cos of family matters. Can't remember if I did anything much. Hmm short memory span. That's oolong-cha for you :p

2nd day of CNY. Some relatives drop by to visit and mahjong session, but not with me. I have totally no interest in mahjong. At night, we have a family outing to.....









St James!!

Keke! We made a booking at Firefly as there is the live band playing cantopop. Like what my youngest sis said "We have to cater to the elderly" Duhhh. It was really a family outing. Let's see who's present: Mum + 3 of us + my sis's bf, Aunt Honey + son, daughter and son-in-law, Aunt Jenny, Aunt Ginny, Aunt Ah-Lai + daughter and son-in-law, 3 cousins + 1 husband=18 of family members! Wowo! And also the bday celebration of the 3 sisters: my mum and 2 aunts. One after the other, 28,29 and 30 January. Well I think that they Aunt Ginny was pretty high that night judging by the way she dance. It was really a fun filled night. Pictures to be uploaded soon. Cheers!

Met up with the girls for dinner at Kushin-bo! My 1st time there and the food is yummy. Enjoyed the part where the bell rang and everyone had to rush to queue for the special item. So fun! We had a wonderful and full dinner. Next meet up will be a post V-day celebration. Till then, take care 38s!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

r3un|on d|nn3r

24/01/09 Sat
We decided to have our reunion dinner outside this year. Booked a table at Spring Court at 7pm. Present at the dinner were: Mummy, Dajie, Michelle, 2 nephews, Hubby, my 2 god brothers, maid and of cos, yours truly. We were deciding between the $368 set or the $688 set. We wanted to have suckling pig to add on and the lather set has that, so we decided to have that instead. Run-down of the menu is as follows:
1) Yu-Sheng (standard course in every set. Fish was pathetic, paper thin slices)
2) Superior sharksfin with bean sprouts. Yummy!
3) Suckling pig!
4) Boiled prawns
5) Deep fried soon hock
6)Vegetables with assorted mushroom and abalone.
7) Fried ee-fu noodles
8) Red bean paste

Took pictures of the dishes until in the middle of the course where I totally forgot about taking pictures. Will upload later once I get the pics from my sis.
Happy Chinese New Year!! Cheers!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Nika: Mummy mummy, daddy opened my CNY snack!
Mummy: What!!
Daddy: She did not eat her breakfast and I was afraid that she'll be hungry *blush* so I gave her 1x chicken stick
Soooo fed-up with hubby. Always give Nika treats cos she don't eat her food. That's why she's used to it. Her thinking is "if I don't eat my food, daddy will give me treats". I've told him so many times before,no food means no treats to be given. She have to eat at least 1/2 of her meal before you can give her treats, now it has become a habit to her. Fed-up. Get it in your head cow! Told you so many times before. And still dare say I spoil her.
Nika got this dandruff on her forehead, looks like she got dry skin, and it is only on her head, her body is fine. Brought her to Vivo again. I just love it there, I spend my whole day there! Anyway, according to the vet, she is lacking in Vitamin A and Zinc and duno what so he recommended me the vitamin that she should take. Cost about $36 for 48 tablets. She is supposed to take 1/2 tablet daily. Of cos I got it without thinking so much of the cost, it really isn't that expensive and anything for my baby, although I have already spent A LOT on her. Hubby was complaining that I keep spending on her. Hmph! On top of her vitamin, I also bought :
~Mother Hubbard's Chicken Pot Pie for her CNY dinner. We are eating good food, why can't she too? For a change :p
~Mother Hubbard's treats in mixed flavour
~Burp's chicken stick
These are her CNY goodies :) Enjoy Nika! Mummy loves you. *hugz*
Nika: Nika loves Mummy too *lick lick*
Bought Nika back to "niang jia"today. She was so excited, no cage for the whole day :D I'm happy for her too! She was so active but finally made up her mind to sleep at 11.30pm. So happily I tried to sleep also but at 12.30am, I heard her waking up. In the middle of the night! Nika, don't you need to sleep at all??
Nika: Sleep? Who needs them??!
Zzzz, had to persuade her and coax her to sleep and finally went back to sleep at 2.30am. Boy, wasn't I tired. Whew! And have to get up at 7am to prepare her food. xx@#%&**@XX$#@&
Oh I got "The Tales of Beedle the Bard"! Compliments of my sis for Xmas pressie. Like what Xiaxue said "It made me pee in excitement!"

Are these for meTime to replenish energy

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nika's 1st groom + cafe

Wake up Rocco
Come on, let's take a picture

Poor Mr Yorkie

I'm such a good little girl

18/01/09 Sunday
As I've promised, today is Nika's day out! After looking online for a dog cafe, I finally decided on US Dog Bakery located around Turf city. They are the !st and only bakery to be approved by AVA :) Met up with Vivie and her bf as well. The place is called k9-Kmpus and they have a bakery, cafe, groomer, doggie spa, doggie class and hotel, pool and playground for both kids and our fur babies. What more can we ask for? A perfect place to chill with our darlings :D Anyway, back to topic. It's our 1st time there and went to have a look at the food for Nika. The available variety wasn't a lot and according to the owner, they have different types of cookies but you have to make advance order, at least 1 day so they can prepare for you. And they are real friendly too. I ordered chicken quiche for Nika and we proceeded to the cafe for our own meal. There was this couple with their dog as well, Sasha. Well I was carrying Nika and you know her, real excited and wanted to play with Sasha. Keep whining and barking to be allowed to get down. No choice but to let her run free. Think that they are quite happy to be playing together. Well the food was good, service was friendly and resonable pricing as well. Ok, I'm a bit lazy to blog, Nika shall take over from here.
Oh boy I'm so excited! Mummy brought me out today to this cafe that sells OUR food. She ordered this eggy pie with chicken for me. Oh and also bought me cookies! You know she really can't resist buying my stuff cos I'm just sooooo cute and lovable, I'm just Mummy's and Daddy's angel!

WH and Oolong-Cha:You're right!
When we reach the place with human food to eat, there was this dog there. Oooo I wanted to play with her but mummy just would not let me get off her arms. So I struggled, and twist and turned and whined and barked until she had no choice but to let me run free :D
Me and Sasha chased each other and nipped a bit here and there. Mummy was so scared, we're just playing, don't worry. By the way, the eggy pie was warm and such a change from my usual canned food and kibbles. Did I mentioned my cookies? There are 5 different flavors: lychee, pineapple, mango, peanut and strawberry. We went to this pool that is for us, furbabies. But I'm not allowed to swim yet. Overheard Mummy saying to bring me to this beach place once I'm fully vaccined. Oh boy! Can't wait! Then there's this playground for us as well. I was made to walk on this plank that goes up and then goes back down. Why would I want to go up and down again when I can just walk stright to my destination? Humans. Tsk tsk. So I refused to walk and Mummy have no choice but to carry me again. Ahhh what a good life I have. After that we went back to the cafe and I saw this HUGE dog!! Black labrador with shiny fur. He really has a good life, absorb all vitamins until he got such a shiny coat. As you can guess, I was not allowed to go over to that HUGE dog. But don't know what happened, 1 min I was on the chair, the next I'm on the floor. I'm not going to give up this chance of checking out my new friend. His tail is as big as me!! Wow! Before we left, I was forced to take a picture with him. HMPH! I was curious but afraid as well but Rocco (labrador) just ignored me totally. Hmph! I'm not sweet enough for him?? Bleah! Thank you all my friends for making my 1st cafe visit not my last! Thank you Sasha, Sam and Rocco. Hope to see you again.
Next up we went to the groomer's. Keep hearing that my nails are too long, need to trim. It's my 1st time too! He tied me to this table while Mummu and Daddy stood outside to wait for me. I was enjoying looking around when he suddenly stuffed this thing into my ear. I gave out his ear splitting YELP! I totally hate to clean my ears. But I don't think that Daddy cared about me. I was on this table being tortured by this man and Daddy was busy taking video of this maltese in the corner doing a "Gong Xi Gong Xi" action. I'm not happy with you Daddy.
Daddy: oops!
anyway the whole groom session was not that bad except for the ear cleaning part, showering part when he stuck his finger up my arse, the noisy blow dryer which scare the hell out of me. I still considered myself lucky compared to poor Mr Yorkie. He had his fur shaved bald and was left standing there, shivering. Poor Mr Yorkie. I came out feeling clean and had soft, shiny fur :D

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quest for the new member

I went for my 1st car wash today and boy, was I scared stiff. I remember lying in mummy's arms when suddenly there's this loud splash on the car! I was about to jump off the car seat when mummy hugged me tighter and cuddled me more, all the while talking to me and assuring that everything is ok. Next there was this bubbles flowing down the car and SPLASH! I'm not going to stay in mummy's arms for another minute! I jumped off her arms and hid in a corner, all the while trembling despite her cuddling, patting and reassuring voice. I was so glad that it's over. Now that I've experienced my 1st car wash, I don't think I will be in a hurry to go to my next.

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Ok, it’s been more than a month and now then I’ve start to talk about Her. Who on earth is this She? Hmm She’s vain, loves attention, greedy, pampered, hairy, mischievous, crafty blah blah… But above all, I LOVE HER LOTS!! Hehe! Presenting Nika-my mini dachshund :D From Australia, loves chewing, loves treats, loves belly rubs, loves to tease you.

It’s been long, long times since I’ve want a dog. But you do know that this is not toy, it’s a life time commitment. So before everything, I need to prepare myself mentally. What did I do? I got a book on dachshunds! Read it through and make sure that I fully understand their character and I DO WANT a dachshund instead of other breeds. But why the Weiner dog? Because

#1) They are not as common as shih tzus, maltese, schnauzers, Chihuahuas, JRT. No offense here to anyone.
#2) Their short legs, long body, doe eyes just make you go awww.
#3) They have 3 types of coat to choose from.
#4) The best reason above all: it’s MY dog and I like dachshund. Period.

Ok, after reading up and mentally preparing myself, we look around pet shops to compare and hopefully to find one that really catches my eye and can connect with me. Finally after 2 months or more, can’t remember, I found her! It was at Ericsson Pet farm and there the sweet little girl is. Quietly lying in the corner. It was on my birthday that we went down and I got myself a birthday gift J After some bargaining, we managed to bring her home at $2675. Very pricey for a puppy but you know you want her. Did i mention that there is still here food, accessories, vitamins, grooming tools, toys etc etc. Lets just make it simpler by saying that I have to give up my Chanel bag to have her :/

We did not bring her home immediately as there are preparations to make. Where to put her, tidy up the house, mentally prepare again. 1 week later, we went to fetch her home. What a sweet little girl she is. You can tell that she is just so afraid of her surroundings once out of the cage. She kept trembling and I have to pat her and talk to her to soothe her nerves.
Day 1 passed quite well with a bit of whining from her. Think day 3 onwards, the monster in her is out! Maybe I pampered her too much. There’s just too much to say about her, let’s just put it as a love-hate relationship with her.

@ pet farm. Waiting to go home.
Home we go!

1st bath

Do not disturb

She loves belly rubs


Ok, obviously there are more pictures, but I’m just too lazy to upload all. Will update again when I’m free.