Friday, April 24, 2009

toys for the rich

Nika: My diarrhea is getting better but I still have to finish those horrible tasting tablets. I hate them. Mummu have to force them down my throat. I hate going to Sentosa! I don't like the sun,sand and sea, I don't like to get dirty, I'm a pampered girl :D

Bring me to the beach again and I'll eat you bag. I really will eat it!

Enjoying my new mattress!

Treats time!


Boat Asia 2009, toys for the rich. Weather can kill, imagine being at the marina from 11.30-9pm with only a tentage to shelter you from the scorching sun. Lucky me, I found refuge in the cool comfort of the boat :) Hide in the cabin,away from the crowd, enjoying my ice cream and take an occasional walk around. It's quite fun also actually,a nice change from being in the office the whole day. Quite difficult to take nice picture as you have to experience the cabin and boats yourself. A few to show you folks out there :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

sick :(

Nika: I vomitted at 4am in the morning followed by endless diarrhea. The diarrhea went on the whole day and I lost weight. Mummy and daddy took leave to bring me to the vet. Hope that I'll get better soon.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

long weekend is over

Nika: Mummy's long weekend is over and she is going back to work tomorrow, have to wait till Wednesday before she can bring me out again. This time,Michelle yi-yi will join us too. Hope that uncle Wowo can bring Droka too.
Friday 17/04/09
Mummy & daddy are both home today! The weather was too hot to go anywhere so they brought me to mummy's favourite place-K9 Kafe. Aircon, nice food for them and me, doggies to play with. But there was a kindergarden excursion going on and the cafe was filled with kids. When we reached, there was a mini schnauzer, a collie, a brichon frise. The collie is like the resident dog there,his name is Nick and he ate up all my pizzas :( He just stand on the table and gobbled them :( so mummy went to get 1 more plate for me. shortly after that,the kids start to arrive and the doggies went off as it was too crowded. I did not get to run around after that. Mummy is afraid I might get stepped upon. Before we left, mummy got me some cookies to share with Rosco tomorrow. There's pandan,banana and mint. Yummy!
Saturday 18/04/09
Mummy went to a wedding lunch today and left me alone with daddy. Daddy is no fun at all,just like to lie down and do nothing. The most he run 2 rounds with me and will KO. not like mumm who like to run around with me until I'm tired. Anyway,after she came home,we prepared to go to West Coast Dog Run. Supposed to meet Rosco gor-gor but his mummy had to work last minute so we went alone. It was my 1st time there and I'm so overwhelmed by all the 4-legged friends there! There are so many and all of them run off leash. Mummy did not dare to unleash me as I will run and not respond to her after that. But after a while, she decided to let me off leash. I felt so free but under the constant watchful eyes of hers. I ran around for a while and ran after this jap spitz when it snapped at me and I screamed. That was the end of my leash-less day.
Sunday 19/04/09
Sentosa day!! Mummy woke up at 820am to prepare our stuff for outing. After all is done,she has to wait for daddy to wake up before we can go. Reached there about 1045am. Nice weather but very hot. I was persuaded to go into the water to swim but I refused. But after much persuasion,I took the courage to jump in and swim. Then suddenly this big wave hit me and I went lop sided and was so traumatized I did not dare to enter the water again. I kepy whining and jumping up to mummy to carry me away,even jumping on her back. Anything just to stay away from the waves. Daddy keep saying that I'm spoilt by mummy but mummy herself is also spoilt. She say that she won't bring me to Sentosa again, scared of sun and getting dirty. Suits me fine,I prefer K9 anyway. We are the pampered girls :p You go girl!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cousins day with the dogs

Cousins day outing with the dogs!
10/04/09 Saturday
Nika: Mummy had a cousins day outing and she's bringing me! Uncle Dennis is bringing Droka as well. A pity that auntie Xingyi can't make it, I can't get to play with Chocolate (Jack Russell):( !st stop: Katong laksa at Holland V. They have decided to go to Holland V as it's a dog friendly place and more place for me and Droka to move around. Dessert was at Cold Rock. But it's for the humans, we doggies got no ice cream :/ Let the pictures show you our outing for the day.
Uncle Dennis happily opening his drink. Mummy's "bimbotic" elder sister bringing me for a walk.Droka!I'm not budging until you humans have decide where to go next. Droka: me too! Alert alert! New friend approaching!Nika: Come out of your hide out and play, Droka.Droka: This little nephew looks delicious! Alright, move your butts up to the pet shop.Nononono, I'm camera shyCousins day, success!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

outing tmorrow!

So looking forward to going K9 again tomorrow. This time with more furry friends! Hope that I can take some pics to show :D

Friday, April 3, 2009

where are the pics???

Nika: Mummy brought me to K9 Kafe today. Meet up with Saltee & Vinnie! But where are the pictures??? She was too busy eating that she never take any picture of us. Hmph! It was nice meeting them for the 1st time, and it won't be the last :D Saltee is afraid of big dogs, so cute. Vinnie is so friendly and loves kissing everyone. And Saltee and Vinnie's mummy is so hot! Makes my mummy look so auntie (which she already is)!
Mummy: You naughty girl!!
Hope to see them again soon. It was fun running around and playing with you both!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

doggie tags!

Nika: Mummy's friend is migrating to UK today. She feels so sad that her good friend is not coming back. Only coming back once a year, and I'm gonna miss Dumdum. No more dates at Yishun dam with him. Anyway, mummy bought dog tags for me! The pictures are VERY blurry as she is lazy to use her camera. And also some VERY overdue pictures at K9 cafe. VERY blur. The "Devil wears Prada" heel with my name. Translation: I'm a devil in disguise.Crown with my name. Translation: I'm the princess!Can I have some treats?Who's calling me??As usual, I am a fussy eater but I can't resist the temptation of delicious, yummy FOOD!!This is Rocco, the handsome Labrador. I just envy his silky and shiny coat.