Wednesday, February 3, 2010

happy day!

02/02/10 Tuesday
Mummy's off today ans surprisingly she got up at 7.30am and brought me for a morning walk in the park :) A 1st time for her off days as we normally walk in the evening. This morning walk will never happen with Daddy.

It was a nice walk,we saw people doing tai-chi,such a healthy lifestyle. The park is next to the lake so we had a nice view as well. As I'm not a regular walker, we walk for 1/2 hour and went home to rest. And guess what's next? Mummy brought me to K9 to meet Michelle yi-yi :D There was a Westie when we arrived and we had fun running around, of cos I got barky again :( Then 2 CHH came and another Westie. It was great fun! The regualra were there too, Polly or Molly, a schnauzer, a cocker and a GR. But they were not allowed in the cafe by their owners.