Saturday, May 30, 2009

Please help...

I love to destroy...empty the contents in the sofa..haahaa After the mouth and paws workout, it's time to lie on the bed and act cute :p What's happening outside?? It's snowing? It really is snowing!!
Daddy's gonna spank me when he sees his seat belt...but it's the center belt and no one uses it anywayTime to act sweet after chewing :D...I'm good at it!
Dear all, please help to sign the petition below. This is to stop the inhumane act of using dogs as live baits for sharks. Please help sign...

Nika: Mummy went for facial and to stock up my treats again. My favourite "Burp" brand from PLC :D

Chicken dumbbell x2
Smoked chicken breast x2
Bow Wow beef jerky x1
Calcium supplement x1-for healthy bones and teeth

Don't think that all these is a lot for me...cos she forgot to replenish my milk. AND she got more stuff for HERSELF.

*Cardigan x1 from Zara
*Intimate wear x3 from La Senza
*Top x2 from Naf Naf
Total damage for the day including my stuff: $270.

Hear mummy say enough of shopping as GSS is here and she hates crowds...and also need to save up for our new house...we'll see...

Monday, May 25, 2009

see a psychiatrist?

oolong cha: something happened yesterday that left me traumatised...the image is etched in my mind....scary...unexpected...think I need to see a psychiatrist soon...or maybe admit myself to IMH to calm down...
so what exactly happened? it was nothing actually,I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. oh, you all wanna know what happened? well here goes....I SAW A BODY FALL 1 STOREY DOWN!! JUST NEXT TO ME!! I was in the office and from my seat I can see the interior of the buliding quite clearly. from the side of my eye I saw this guy climb over the escalator railing (the escalator is always closed as people take the lifts), I don't know why he climbed over or he just bent over but the next thing I knew, I saw his body fall down. followed by a sickening loud THUD! my 1st reaction was: shit,someone died in here, what am I going to do?? then I heard him call out " me.." but I was just too afraid to go and look. so I called the security. by the time they answered the phone, the hotel's manager were at the scene followed by ambulance and police. I took a peek and saw his legs and a pool of blood and did not dare to venture any further to avoid any more images. the image of the body falling is enough to last me till my whole life. as I'm the only eye witness to the "fall", the police interviewed me. luckily the boy is stable now. 14yr old only.
next up is Nika!!
do I have to smile??ok here goes
I love to sing :DlalalalalaLALALALALALAAAAA alright wise guy, you're busted! caught in the act. kindly clear up the shreds and return to your mattress.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

new chews :D

oolong cha: A trip to PLC always ends up with a hole in my pocket. So what did I get for Nika again??Bacon flavoured chew toy Extra pants for her heat seasonCute tee to warn people of the "Monster in disguise"Bouncy, rubbery bottle to chew Fish 4 dogs. Rich in omega 3. Perfect treat for good skin and coat. Time to start brushing. Poultry flavoured toothpaste.Total damage? $97.85 + $20.10 after discount. :(

Admit it. I look cute in diapers.

Check out my cute lil butt :p

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oolong cha: Nika had her 1st heat yesterday! Finally at 9mths 3 days old. It is a real headache to keep her from biting off her diapers. We're going to sterilize her after her heat.

Monday, May 18, 2009

shelter,expo and blood

17/05/09 Sunday
Today is my outing to expo for SKC dog show again . So happy. But before that, we went to a dog shelter to donate off my can food and treats. 36 cans + bag full of treats as I can't finish so many. The doggies there are so poor thing, abandoned by their owners or have been previously used for breeding. Peeps out there, if you want to get a doggie, adopt 1 from the shelters. Let the poor doggies have a new lease of life. The volunteer that we met up with told mummy that there is a mini dachshund that looks like me that is waiting to be adopted. But can see from daddy's face that he is not going to get another doggie :( I hope that the poor doggies will be happy when they receive my treats. Will make more donation to them again. Think will give them some soft toys to chew next time. Keep them entertained so that they'll not get into fights. There was a fight shortly after we went down and a funny doggie peed on daddy. Hiak hiak! Helpt hem if you can, any amount of donation is fine, toys,food,towels,medication etc etc. Refer to the website for more details:

Outing at expo. Lots of butt sniffing going on and not a lot of pictures to show. Oh at the last dog show, we saw this girl with her butch bf and their dog, think its a long hair CHH. The girl is wearing super short shorts...more like a bikini bottom. It's denim and it has been cut like a "V" shape front and back. The back show 1/2 her butt and her front follows her thigh "V" shape so it's like wearing a bikini bottom. Today she wore the same shorts as well. But that is not the horrible part. I'm gettting to it now...her dog is PINK!! Faint!! Not some parts pink but the whole dog is pink. Poor doggie...Mummy did not snap a picture as she's too disgusted by it.

On the way back just as we are leaving the carpark, mummy suddenly got panicky and told daddy to pass her some tissue paper and to stop the car. I was suddenly bleeding from the mouth. she pryed open and I spit out a tooth. I thought that my milk teeth were all out?? Does that mean that I won't grow back another tooth? But my usual tooth dropping does not bleed as much, this time, it was really a lot.
Gentle shepard :)Ok, stay still, let me sniff ur butt
Blood on Mr PenguinBlood stains on seat...More blood stains,but mummy wiped with wet wipes already :)More blood on seat belt :(Both KO when back
My very own bed :D

Monday, May 11, 2009

new friends at K9

10/05/09 Sunday
Nika: Mummy got her weekend off today so we're going to K9!! Supposed to meet DoMo as well but their parent is not feeling well so left Sora, Billie Jean, Cookie and me :) But it was great fun too. The only thing is that the cafe is totally full!! Gosh! We had to sit at the outdoor area to wait for a table and it was no fun. I prefer to be indoors where I can run around. By the time we reach home, I was totally over and out. Did not even had dinner and I vomitted gastric juice just because I refused to eat. :( But I went to dinner with the humans, leaving mummy alone at home as she was too tired. She woke up at 8am to go to the market to get some food to cook for me, made pasta and eggs as breakfast for daddy, mine is scrambled eggs with chicken and bell peppers :) After breakfast is green bean soup and then to prepare to go to K9. No wonder she is pooped out. And as usual lazy daddy did not give a hand at all. Just give a mouth to eat HMPH!
Although the cafe is packed, I had great fun! It was so nice to see Sora again although he keep trying ot "rape" me *blush* Billie Jean have such a nice coat and color and Cookie have beautiful eyes. I love them all! I just wish that it wasn't so packed so that we can run around more. Weekdays perhaps would be more suitable for me. Till next time guys!! Love playing with all of you!Mummy is a Ferrari supporter :)Nono, I'm camera shy. Don't take me! Hey Alfred, can you smell the pizza in daddy's hand too? Who did your hair for you Sora? I want too! Hello Cookie jiejiePretty mum hiding behind Sora. She is pretty like Saltee and Vinnie's mummy :D Stylo Sora BJ: Hey Nika you are smaller then me. Don't be such a fussy eater. be like me, everything also eat :D yumyum