Monday, September 28, 2009

Porridge day @ Tiong Bahru

Met up with Sydney for porridge breakfast (for the humans that is). Saltee & Vinnie supposed to meet us as well but they can't make it in the end. It was such a tiring day. We had porridge at Tiong Bahru (compliments of Sydney's grandparents), proceed to have dessert @ Robertson Quay and then to Vivo for grooming. Slept like a log on the way home.

Porridge time! See? Sydney KO @ Robertson Quay liao. The humans throw us for grooming while they went shopping I KO-ed on the way home. Too tired to care about sleeping position.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
On a seperate note, mummy & daddy went to watch F1 leaving me at home :(
And as usual they got the best tix, Pit Straight Sky Suite and just opposite the Ferrari's garage. I love ya Kimi :p *lick lick*

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

botanic gardens

Nika: Met Sydney for breakfast and walk in botanic gardens. It was such a hot day but we enjoyed walking around.

Need less to say, I KO-ed on the way home. Xiaobai is so sweet,hug me to sleep. I can sleep any style I want once we reach home :D