Sunday, August 30, 2009

Impromptu meeting at Holland V

Nika: Daddy & mummy decided to bring me to Holland V for a walk on Friday night. So she asked along Sydney,DoMo and Cobi. It's just an impromptu meet up and it's my 1st time seeing them (other then Sydney). Among the 4 dachshunds, Dodo is the eldest followed by Momo. But Momo is the smallest size among us :) They are all so well behaved and quiet. Not like me, keep on barking and wanting to play. Maybe I really do need lessons. As usual there was a lot of butt sniffing once we saw each other. After the gathering ended and we're on the way to the carpark, I kept chasing after Sydney and still want to play more. So mummy carried me over to sniff and kiss her good night. And I did a very naughty thing which caused mummy to "shoot" and slap my mouth :( I bit Sydney's ear and she screamed. I'm very sorry Sydney...I promised not to play so rough again. Luckily she is alright. *Bad notti me*
Hey Sydney,you're looking the wrong way. They're coming from the other direction.Standby for attack!Momo!Ok,all gather for treatsSydney: I'm shy..stop taking my picNika: Wow Dodo, u've got a long elegant neck :)Dodo: Always wipe your mouth after ice cream :D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

the secret drawer

Nika: Blogger has been bonkers again and I can't update. Today I will show you my secret stash :p
After we moved house, I claimed a drawer all to myself to keep my treats :D Have not yet post up pics of my new house but it will come...eventually.
Mummy is into "healthier", natural treats for me. Aside from the occasional apples that I get, I get healthier meaty and fruity treats too! I got a lamb's bone to try out too! It was my 1st time and I'm such an amateur at eating the bone, not to mention that mummy is so afraid that I'm going to dirty the whole house, draging the bone everywhere. So to help me conquer the bone, daddy held on to it while I try to munch.
Ta-da! My stash of "happy" food :DDChicken flavored raw hide sticksNew! Heart-shaped chicken with cheeseMilk raw hide sticks and milk shoePuffed venison from Nature's 1Fruity treats. Less then 9 calories per treat :DOmega treats for healthy skin and shiny hair and all the things that are good for uKangaroo jerky. Love it!I like to look out of the window. Mummy says she will get me a mini sofa so that I need not jump so high. I like to jump up the sofa and mummy always scold me as it is bad for my spine in future.Another comfy spot for me

My 1st experience with the tulang