Thursday, July 30, 2009

new playmate

oolong cha: See the cigeratte box hanging there? This is really an example of retro! Someone from upstairs wanted to buy a pack of cigerattes but lazy to go down. What will he do?
Ans: He lowers a small rope with a clothes peg containing money and a note. The coffeeshop uncle sees the box,walks over and opens it. Takes the money and note and attaches a new pack of cigerattes to the peg. The guy pulls his purchase up. Wala! Fast and convenient. :DNika: I have not been in here for so long because blogger is bonkers. So I have to wait till I have the feel before I come in here to update you peeps on what is going on.
We celebrated Sydney's birthday at K9 on a friday noon when the cafe is not packed and we can run all we want. It's the 1st time that I'm meeting Sydney too. She is a runner and jumper like me! Saltee and Vinnie were there too but they did not run around much. It was not so much of a birthday,more like a gathering with cake :D I just ate 2 mouthfuls of the cake and Sydney ate 3 slices!
Sydney: Is it time to eat? The next day, Sydney's parents "dumped" her at my house and the happily went for dinner at IMM. I kept following her wherever she went in order to protect my territory. I was so naughty that night,kept on barking at her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Daddy & Mummy went to ION without me. Yes! With me at home waiting for them >.<>
Mask from Korres. Mummy is a sucker for facial products.This dachie took Silkair and flew all the way from Bali back. It's supposed to be for our new house.Circle the missing part. Gone in 5secs. Reason being mummy got this BEFORE she got me so I'm jealous. Another box successfully destroyed!

Short video of me and Sydney

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shred,tear and destroy!

Nika: This is what I do when I'm being left alone at home...even if it's just for 10mins. Shred! Shred! Destroy! Tear! Wahahahaha!! This will teach you all to leave me alone while you go out :p Oh, did I mention that daddy's credit card is also a victim of my powerful jaws. Another lesson for daddy: never leave anything important where I can reach :D
Nika: We went to vivo for a walk by the sea after dinner. This pack of caramel chocs is from daddy to mummy as a surprise in appreciation for her home cooked meals.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nika is going to Japan...Or not.

Nika: Mummy and daddy says that my body is too long and I'm afraid of dirtying myself. Hence I always do not dare to go up all the way to the pee tray,therefore they got me a bigger tray so that I have more space to pee.
I think I prefer destroying the box more. Munch munch!! Really? You gonna bring me to Japan? Hiak hiak!! Can I sit like that?
Daddy: At least give me some space to keep my clothes lah. How about this? Here! I can lie flat also.Or I can squeeze myself to a corner.
Daddy: Go away lah, don't ka jiao.
My beautiful long tail...
My cute,fat butt :D Progress of my new house....
The service yard
KitchenWhite floor tiles

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


oOlong cHa: Too lazy to update. 7th July is our ROM date and MJ's memorial service. It's still so unreal that he is gone,a legend. I do love his dance moves so much. Luckily I got his #1 Hits album VCD a few years back,if I were to find it now, I doubt it's available. I have also his "The Essentials" cd album which is just out not long ago. Comprises of 2 cds with his more popular songs when he just started with The Jackson 5. A pity I missed his memorial service last night.
Yesterday on the way home, saw this car. Think he might have crashed into the center railing. His car is on fire. There are those kpos as well,being singaporean. If i were them, I will get away fast in case the car explode.