Sunday, June 28, 2009

brief,picture-free update

Ok, I've been real lazy to update. And this entry will all be just words and words...lazy to load pics.
1) Hubby is back from japan. Did not get a lot of things as not enough time to shop and I prefer to shop myself. He got Nika a small fun blanket the size of a hanky. It has squeakers sewn into the blankets so when they bite it will give little squeaks. But the squeakers is a bit difficult to squeak. It's those plastic squeakers that you find inside toys so the material is not very durable. He got me a battery-operated piggy bank, a tote bag from Trullis Coffee, 2 tank tops from Uniqlo and a toy. :D

2) Mum is back after 3months in US and 4 days in Taiwan. She is starting to have her giddy spells again. will make an appointment for her to go for check up again.

Ok, lazy to update more...that's all folks!
Happy Birthday Dad. We miss you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my purchase is here!

Nika: My purchases are here! Although my birthday is not until August, I can get myself an early pressie right :) I chose what I want and using mummy's card, I got them from the net. With permission of cos. I got a "Buddy Belt". It's a leather harness made with we,dachies in mind :D It won't cause any strain on the neck and is comfortable to use, even if we have long beautiful hair, it won't cause tangles. Of cos, any breed can use it, not only dachies. So what are you guys waiting for? BJ, DoMo, Saltee, Vinnie...hurry...get your parents to get you 1 soon...comes in pretty colours to choose from too :D More details can be found at: Oh, did I mention that I got 2 new leash for myself as well? Not that mine is damaged and I need more but it's just so cute! Thank you mummy and I promise no more accessories for the rest of this year :DD yes it's minemetallic aqua blue with pearl detailsduno why the pic comes out invertedfront viewside I have the looks to be a model :pwhich Nika is which? daddy disturbing me and me playing with my squeaky

Sunday, June 14, 2009

mites? nope,not me

Nika: Mummy and daddy brought me to the vet to check on my ears as I keep scratching and keep licking and chewing on my paws. They suspected that I maight have fungal infection or mites. After the check, it turns out to be just an allergy reaction. There's construction going on and the dust makes me itchy. Whew! And I thought that I'm allergic to chicken-my favourite food. I am such a good girl at the vet. Did not even fidget when Dr Ang jab me :D
Daddy: That's because you're too scared to move
Nika: Got to use ear drops again which I hate! Trip to the vet cost another $54...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

activity filled day?

10/06/09 Wednesday
Nika: Mummy brought me to K9 Kafe today! It has been such a long time since I am allowed to go out due to my heat. I'm going crazy staying home. But there wasn't any doggies to play with me that day. After that we went to USDB to pick up my meal and I had a great time there playing with the water fountain and "posing" in the magazine rack for pics :) Mummy had a good time chatting with aunty Nelly as well and she is discussing with aunty Nelly to leave me in her shop for free daycare service. Hmph! I got a lamb pie for breakfast and cheese and lamb steak for dinner :)

this round chair is soooo comfy

magazines for you mam? or u sir?

u sure u don't want any?

slurp slurp yumyum. I want a water fountain to drink from too Mummy, I promise to drink more water :)

dig dig dig

sorry for the mess aunty Nelly

11/06/09 Thursday

oolong cha: Took leave today hoping to settle some furniture purchase and to see the reno of our
new house. It's just tiring to try sofas and look for furniture. It's fun at 1st but after some time, you'll get very tired of seeing the same things over and over again. And it's NEVER fun when the bills start to come. We did not take reno loan as we did not want to pay the interest. So everything is cash cash cash. So we are broke broke broke. Can't go shopping, can't go for nice food,, can only save money :( Sad. But it'll get better...always look on the bright side of life. :D

Anyway,we finally decide on our sofa, tv console and coffe table. Whew! All in 1 store @ Novena Furniture in Sungei Kadut. Think we got a good deal, console + coffee table + sofa (3+2)=$ 2570. Finally 3 items down. Next is dining set...v difficult as we are only looking at round table. Knights if the round table keke. To upkeep the secrecy till house warming, I will only show the before pics and no description on what we are going to do to the house :p

the console with black glass top

ermm is it the lighting? if u look closely,u will see orbs in the below pic

looks a bit eerie but I hope it's due to the lighting. I see orbs in the left pic. coffee table with dark walnut to match sofa. drawers on 1 side and open shelf on the other. 2 stools stored at the side

Monday, June 8, 2009

accident at Kranji carnival

Was lucky I was working that day and hence did not go down. This horrible accident happened. In my opinion, the husky's owner should have used a head collar to control his dog. It was adopted not long ago and should spend more time to know more about his temperament 1st. Hope that the CHH will be alright and the husky won't be up for adoption again.

Post #25 onwards:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

lazy updates

Oolong cha: So lazy to update these past few days. Just a quick update in pictorial form :D
Ferrero Rocher in dark chocolate Invitation to Fendi money to shop :(Almost to prizes for guessing who did it Nika: Whenever mummy wants to have her noon nap, I'll sit by her bed quietly and look at her and wait. She will not bear to leave me sitting there and always,I'll end up on the bed with her. And the whole bed is mine!! Hehehehe

Nika scratched till her ear got a bit of blood. Applied lavender essential oil to help soothe it. We clean her ears everyday but she still scratch
Pooh bear from the claw machine. How much did it cost us? $2!! Hahahaha
Fish spa-our 1st time


oolong cha: I'm going to heck care about my fugly legs. Heck the scars and obvious visible ingrown hairs, heck the stares of people, heck my lack of confidence, heck that I have low self esteem cos of my legs, I'm going to wear shorts! I've always wore 3/4, jeans or long berms to cover as much leg as possible. But the weather these days are horrible. I'm going to start wearing shorts....I hope I can get over my own self confidence barrier.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

source for house appliances

oolong cha: so tired these past few days. got to source around for everything for new house. it's fun but gets pretty boring after a while. trying bed after bed after bed of different brands. finally we have decided on the bed. hob and hood is also more or less decided. it's fun to go around and choose but not fun when the bill is here.
have already bought: ~aircon
~wok (courtesy of mum, from Tangs zzzz)
~rice cooker
so tired...
ps: Nika is on heat so not going to let her blog for a while. she's prone to mood swings so better keep her happy by playing with her and forget about her heat.