Sunday, January 3, 2010


Nika: I'm baaaaaaack!! After AWOL for duno how many decades, I'm finally back to update my paw friends on my life. The past few months have been so busy for me and also I'm too lazy. But if I were to tell you what have been happening the past few months, I will take 2 whole days so I'll just post some important + happy days in my life *woof woof*

Hi 5!
Mummy got inspired by Dodo & Momo when she saw they doing hi-5s. So you can guess,that's what I learnt as well. She's still thinking of new tricks to teach but I think her brain juices are dried up. So far I know sit, stay, hi-5,wait. But all this are subjected to environment changes. You can't expect me to sit and stay when I see my friends around right :) Anyway, mummy says I borned to be pampered *LOL* so no need so many tricks...just enjoy my life :D

I hate swimming!
Mummy thought that all doggies love to swim,but not me. I hate it! Maybe because I'm scared of the water. They tried to carry me and hold on to me while I paddle but i just refused to swim. When mummy tried to lower me into the water, I behaved like a cat, no kidding. I clinged on to her and the lower she go, the higher I climbed. Daddy swear that if mummy tries to go any lower, I will be sitting on her head real soon. So they tried to trick me into going into the water. They ran and make me chase them and into the water they went. And luckily I had on very good tyres, they stopped just before I even reached the waves :D So they can't trick me into the water :) And although most dogs are free to run around in Sentosa, I have to be on leash all the time. Reason? I won't respond to them once I'm outside as I'm too excited and I'll run away and they'll never catch me. So the only places that I can be off leash are pet cafes.

Don't think by buying me a new vest I will swim with u.

Christmas day!
Merry X"mas. Dun say it's too late cos there are 12 days of christmas :D I had grilled chicken thigh and some grilled beef cooked medium rare *yumyum* Needless to say, I finished the 1st round and went on to round 2 of my meal :)

Excessive loss of blood!! *horrors*
Well it happened during my spay. Dr Ng called mummy to say that I lost quite a lot of blood compared to the normal op but not to worry as they have stopped the bleeding. I have to be on drip and fur on my legs are shaved. 1st they inserted the drip into my left leg but being the stubborn me *giggles* how can I let you poke me without giving up a fight. So I chewed and pulled on the drip and they have no choice but to remove it. And they tried my right leg. he same thing happened and they give up. No drip :D BUT to prevent me from biting and licking te wound, they put "The Cone of Shame" on me!! I absolutely Hate it with a capital H. And so I pushed and pushed the cone away from my head. I want to get my head out of that trumpet. In the midst of trying to remove it myself, my paw got stucked in between. >.<>
Note: "Cone of Shame" credit go to movie "UP"My shaved left leg Both sides of my shaved legs Pressure bandage to be removed when I reached home


billiejean said...

We are glad you are back to blog again! Yeah, tell us how life has been treating you sister! oh, princess, I mean. It's OK to be leashed.. Cookie has to be leashed all the time too.. Think she will chase after cats and Mummy so scared Cookie will run and run and run and will never come back...

Anonymous said...

It will be great to watch Peter Pan, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.